Spanish materials for online learning . . .

Recommended Spanish text book for serious students taking online Spanish courses for European Spanish

Sueña - Spanish textbook for European students

Sueña is a set of textbooks for learning Spanish . . .

  • Materials for all levels of study from absolute beginner to fluent speaker
  • Suitable for children from 12 years and upwards
  • Developed by professional linguists of the Cervantes Institute
  • Communication methodology
Spanish text book for US Spanish for students studying in North America

Mosaicos - Spanish textbook for the Americas

Mosaicos is a textbook for American and Canadian students. . .

  • Based on the ACTFL levels
  • From absolute beginner to fluent speaker
  • Plenty of exercises and practice materials
  • Self-study options
oYe uses its own Spanish materials to teach Spanish in our online learning environment

Online Spanish learning resources for students

There is an imense amout of material available online for learning Spanish. Our teachers have compiled a list of the best resources for students at all levels and of all ages. Your teacher will be happy to share resources with you that are appropriate to your level of study and learning goals so that you can advance on your own under the responsible guidance of your teacher.

  • Videos and entertainment channels
  • Educational games for children and youth
  • Magazine websites and news channels
  • Online grammar and practice sites
Professional Medical Spanish course using professionally developed materials

Medical Spanish materials and resources

Our Professional Medical Spanish program includes a huge amount of materials that we have created, gathered and adapted so that students will have the very best resources available to them during and after the course. These materials will not only help the you to learn correct medical Spanish usage, but will serve as a complete set of reference materials for future use.

  • Complete anatomical charts in Spanish
  • Dialogs of medical Spanish in audio and written versions
  • Medical papers and review materials from famous and respected journals
  • Exercises to test your medical Spanish knowledge
Learning Spanish online with specific texts and materials suited to individual and personalized programs

Alternative textbooks and learning materials

We will be happy to work with you using a specific textbook or set of learning materials. Please contact us to suggest a suitable text and your learning needs and we will help you to make a study plan using these materials.

  • Personalized coursework
  • Study to a specific set of materials