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Free Trial Class! online spanish classes for all ages and skill levels
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Free Trial Class! Free trial Spanish class online

At "¡oYe! Spanish" we are leaders in the field of online Spanish language tuition with courses for all ages and skill levels. Find out about our Conversation Plus! Academic and Business courses by clicking on each section below . . .

Learning online with a live native Spanish teacher offers the best way to master the language. Classes proceed at your pace, and we offer extra study materials and resources for you to practice on your own outside of class.

The first step is to sign up for a free trial class with no obligation and give it a try. Then once you know how it will go you can purchase credits to take your Spanish classes whenever you like.

Learn to communicate in Spanish with our Conversation Plus! language classes, apt for students of all ages and skill levels


Spanish classes for those who want to improve communication skills. Our "Conversation Plus!" classes focus on developing listening and speaking skills in Spanish. These are our most popular classes!
Academic Spanish courses and DELE preparation classes for international language students


For professionals and workers in a wide variety of fields in which knowing Spanish is important for day-to-day operations or career advancement, classes are tailored to your needs and busy schedule.
homeschool Spanish classes for children and youth from the USA and around the world


Our Spanish courses for students of all ages make full use of the available electronic media along with specialized methods for keeping younger and older learners alike engaged and proactive in the learning process.
Courses in Medical Spanish for all health professionals and students


Our Medical Spanish courses for doctors, nurses, medical students and other health professionals are designed to create fluency in general medical settings as well as for advanced specializations.
special offers from best Spanish school in Ecuador


¡oYe! Spanish is a professional online Spanish language tuition center. We take pride in the quality of our instruction and the academic and administration systems that underpin the classes and courses that we offer. Here's why we recommend that you take a FREE ONLINE SPANISH CLASS with ¡oYe! Spanish:

  • Professional and dedicated teaching staff
  • Academic oversight of all courses and classes
  • Flexible courses and programs
  • Responsive and attentive administration
  • Top quality learning materials
  • Exceptional value for money!
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How to choose an online spanish school?

Tips for choosing a school for your online spanish course:

There are a great many websites that offer online Spanish classes, each making promises and offers to tempt the would-be student to take their online Spanish course with them. But how do you know what you are getting?

In our experience of talking to online Spanish students about their previous classes and courses we have noted that it can be hard at first to determine whether the quality of the classes they are receiving is good or not. In many cases, several weeks or months may go by before the student begins to realize that they are not learning as fast as they might. Very often it is only by experiencing the difference between one teacher and another, one method and another, that a student can come to recognize the good from the bad. But by then it may already be too late - the money has already been spent!

Too many online Spanish course websites merely connect a student with a teacher, charge the student and pay the teacher and pocket the difference, without giving any thought to the pedagogical or methodological issues, or without carrying out any oversight or supervision of the teacher to see that what they are teaching the student is valid and appropriate and meets a minimum standard.

In Spanish there is a saying that translates roughly as "the cheap turns out expensive" (Lo barato sale caro). This is equally true of online Spanish courses, where any number of wasted hours of cheap classes would have been much better spent on fewer hours of better organized and conducted classes.

The pointers that we offer the would-be student are as follows:

  • Is there academic oversight for the teacher?
  • Are there class plans and clearly defined goals agreed with the student and reviewed by an academic director?
  • Does your online Spanish teacher or administrator regularly review progress with you as a student?
  • Is there a specific methodology, pedagogy or approach that the teacher is putting into practice?
  • Are there clear policies in case of problems or issues that might arise with the teacher or the way your Spanish course is being conducted?
  • Is there a clear refund policy in case you wish to discontinue your Spanish classes?

¡oYe! Spanish offers you a free trial class with no obligation so that you can see for yourself what the difference is between ¡oYe! and the rest! Sign up today and let us show you the best in online Spanish language tuition!

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